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From a young age, Isaac was drawn to the kitchen. While at first this might have been in an effort to escape other chores around the house, it wasn't long before Isaac fell in love with cooking. Early on, he began exploring the spice rack and pantry, diligently studying cuisines from around the world, from the classics of French and Italian food, to exotic Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, and North African dishes.

Isaac puts a great deal of thought into every dish he prepares, and is always striving to expand his repertoire, whether it involves new techniques or new cuisines. Anyone who has partaken in one of his meals has seen the dedication he has towards creating the best dishes possible for his audience. Working as a cooking instructor at a sleep-away camp, Isaac had to adjust his cooking to meet the widely varying tastes of campers and staff. There he learned that making 'the best dish possible' means knowing your customers. This is a point of pride for Isaac, and comes through whenever he discusses food and cooking.

Isaac has extensive experience cooking with all types of dietary restrictions, from kosher, low cholesterol, and low sodium to vegetarian and vegan. Whatever your dietary needs, Isaac will find a way to make your meal delicious.

Looking to learn some new techniques? Chef Isaac can teach you knife handling skills, the best ways to prepare some of your favorite dishes, or explore some completely new ones with you. Isaac has experience working with students of all ages and skill levels, so whether you cook every day and are looking for something to add to your repertoire or have never cooked a meal before, Isaac can help! 


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Having a party and looking to impress with some fantastic food? Chef Isaac can cater your event, prepare the dishes in advance or at the event depending on your needs. Whether its a birthday, anniversary, bachelor or bachelorette, or a dinner party just because, Chef Isaac can help make your event truly special, whatever it may be. The Chef will work with you to develop a menu to your tastes and needs, and ensure that your event will have the best food possible, while working within your budget.

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Cooking Parties

For those who have a passion for cooking, what could be better than a cooking lesson followed by a celebratory meal of your own making? If you're looking for a fun party idea for people who love to cook, consider a cooking party where Chef Isaac works with you and your guests to make a feast, giving advice and tips, and teaching about the ingredients and dishes. Then sit down and enjoy as the meal is served! You and your guests can decide how advanced and how active you would like to be in the cooking process (how much you want to get your hands dirty) . Included in this will also be a full menu along with recipes for all the guests, so that they can recreate the dishes they helped make at any time. 

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